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This page updated 28 October 2008

Star Trek: The Last Generation

The Star Trek universe as you've never seen it before! A sexually overactive captain, a pedantic first officer, a doctor who likes his booze...oh, wait. That is what Classic Star Trek was like.
Anyhow, come in here to thrill yourself with the, well, interesting adventures of Starfleet's most unexpected starship, the USS Compromise!

Cover art by Nicole Wylie
Last updated 28 October 2008

Captain Euan Bowen and Commander Urac 'Ratbat' Sigma

The Fuzzy Bunny Show

Bunnies! Spaceships! Aliens! Unexplained musical numbers! Bad puns! Mysterious diseases! Teabags! Walruses! This series has got it all! Join Fuzzy Bunny and friends as they turn the art of the serious space opera into a third-rate comedy show - and love every minute of it.

Cover art by Tim Hodge
Last updated 30 June 2007

Mr Fuzzy Bunny himself

The RCP Superheroes

The USA isn't the only place on earth with superheroes! Come and join the Justice League of Japan, the Justice Society of Australia and the Garrison of Costumed Adventurers as they battle crime and evil in the Asia Pacific Region! Features both original and not quite original characters!

Cover art by Daria Sigma
Last updated 30 June 2007

Pretzel Girl and friend, with the Wee Wee Man

The Virgin's Guide to M*A*S*H

The probably not entirely definitive guide to every episode of the world's most popular medical comedy show about the Korean war - and we know how many of those there were! This guide gives an episode by episode guide to who's who, what's what and opinion about the show. You may find stuff here that you didn't know!

Cover art by Leila Fetter
Last updated 30 June 2007


The Virgin's Guide to the UK Transformers Comic

Robots in Disguise...on both sides of the Atlantic! When Marvel UK presented the American Transformers comic for local readers, they took a four-colour toy advert and weaved over three hundred issues of tales.
Here we present an issue-by-issue guide to the highs and lows of the Cybertronians' adventures.

Cover art by etLux
Last updated 6 March 2007