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Welcome to a slightly useful site which I use for managing many of my internet related pursuits

Recycadelic Cacti Productions

At last, we have the long-awaited Recycadelic Cacti page, home of Star Trek: the Last Generation, Virgins' Guides Central, the Fuzzy Bunny Show, RCP Heroes and other strange and vaguely random writings. Have a look and see - you might find you like it!

Stuff I've Written

This is in no particular order and relates to nothing in particular. But it is all mine.
Tasmanian Holiday - in 2007 I took a holiday to Tasmania. You can read all about it and see the photos.
How to Survive A Science Fiction Movie - the definitive guide to not being just another statistic in the lexicon of sci-fi.
The Ballad of Everyone Who Works in Retail - a poem I wrote after a particularly frustrating day at work back in 1999.
Regarding Territorial Reptiles - a short story that I wrote back in 1993. Ancient history, perhaps, but quite fun.

Craft Related Activities

Yep, I'm not just a pretty face or just a big nerd - here are a list of links to sites I've found particularly useful in my pursuit of craftiness.
Needlecraft Mailbox - This is one of the best online mail-order sites in Australia for patterns, kits, ideas and supplies.
Crochet Pattern Central - I don't know where I would be without this site. Here you will find links to so many beautiful crochet patterns it is quite amazing!
Knitting Pattern Central - as the name suggests, here you will find links to hundreds of wonderful knitting patterns. No serious knitter should be without it.

Music is the Food of Love

...and here's how you can go about creating or obtaining the means to create it.
The Lied and Art Songs Texts Page - translations of all kinds of songs, including some rather obscure things. The translations are excellent.
Schubertline - here you can obtain cheap and copyright legal copies of many different types of classical vocal music - lieder, art song etc - using the wonder that is Sibelius Scorch.
Sheet Music Plus - a wonderful resource for sheet music. Great selection, good prices.
The Aria Database - this is an excellent resource for any opera singer or opera lover or just somebody interested in opera.

Nerdy Stuff

Yes, you're right - I am a big nerd. Here's some sites I find useful and fun.
GameFAQs - no serious gamer should be without it.
Red Tomax's Guide to City of Heroes - this site has everything you could possibly need to know about the world of Paragon City.
ThinkGeek - so much fun and cool and silly and nerdy stuff... so little time.
Wikipedia - the best place of all to find out answers to all those really stupid questions that bug the hell out of you, like 'what the hell does wikipedia mean?'.
Snopes - before Mythbusters, Snopes was there shining the light of truth on all those bloody 'did you know this is really true' stories that keep jamming up all our inboxes.


Web comics, authors and fun, oh my!
Generic Web-Comic #134 - is this possibly the world's first Meta-Web-Comic? Who knows? All I know is that it's funny.
Dinosaur Comics - Dinosaurs are cool. This comic is funny. The comic looks good on my body. Hm, maybe not.
Sluggy Freelance - still haven't worked out what the title actually means, but it's a good comic, in no way bound by the rules or concepts of reality.
Something Positive - the work of a truly brilliantly twisted mind. It's so wrong sometimes that you feel like a bad person for finding it as funny as it is.
The L-Space Web - everything you need to know about Terry Pratchett and his work. Includes the latest edition of the mammoth Annotated Pratchett File. (Not for the faint-hearted.)
POVonline - the world according to Mark Evanier. Information made fun. Occasionally random or weird but always amusing.
IMDB - the Internet Movie Database. The ultimate resource for movie buffs.
The Fishtank Game - there is no better way of destroying your productivity at work.

Annoy Me

(Go on, I dare ya...)

You can email me at bunniquette@gmail.com if the mood takes you, or you can check out my Livejournal.

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